Web Version Of Apple Music Officially Goes Live

Yesterday, the web version of Apple Music officially goes live.

In September last year, Apple launched the Apple Music Web Beta for the first time, providing Apple Music users with non-Mac platforms a practical experience similar to the Apple Music App, including sections like "For you", "Browse" and "broadcast" Radio.

And now, the beta test is no longer running, as it has merged into the (music.apple.com) and goes active. When accessing the beta address, beta.music.apple.com will automatically redirect to music.apple.com.

The grounds for the use of this web page is essentially the same as the app. Upon signing in to the Apple ID, users can listen to all the music in the music library and access the song in the personal folder and playlists, as well as listen to the songs suggested by the algorithm that are aligned with the app.

Tests show that, in addition to Apple's own platforms, the web version of Apple Music is also available on browsers on Windows 10, Linux and Chrome OS.

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