5 Tips to Prepare For WWDC 2020 During A Pandemic

With all of the springtime Apple events cancelled and the new products ended up being released on Apple Newsroom in the past three months, Apple has also cancelled the in-person WWDC conference that will be held next month due to the ban on mass gatherings. The developer conference is virtual this summer, but that does not mean that Apple fans and developers can go ahead and watch the keynote and beta test the next iOS and macOS versions in the next month. WWDC 2020 is pushed to late June on the 22nd to the 26th of the month, which is that there is still a lot of time to get prepared for the next event. Here are a few things that Apple developers, fans and iOS beta testers can do to pass the time and get ready for the event in 6 weeks, while in quarantine.

Continue the iOS and iPadOS 13 Beta Testing Journey 

Every WWDC kicks off a new iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS beta testing season where Apple software developers, software engineers and users participating in the Apple Beta Program start beta testing the next versions of Apple software. While it is now a little longer to wait for the iOS and iPadOS 14 beta testing season to come by, there are still more bugs, changes, advancements and features that every iPhone and the iPad user has to find. Even the COVID-19 crisis means that beta testers will have to test out contact tracing and many more tools to help reopen and lift the coronavirus lockdowns worldwide, right before these features land on the public releases of iOS and iPadOS 13.5. Cybersecurity experts specialising in Apple software can also get paid a lot when they report security flaws and breaches in iOS 13 beta software.

Countdown The Days Before WWDC 2020

Being confined in the house all day does not have to be boring at all. There are many different ways to count down to WWDC, from fan-made websites that display the days, hours and weeks before WWDC in an Apple-inspired look, in a countdown app, using a letter board from a home decor shop to count down the days until the event or crossing off days in the calendar. Make sure to set the countdown timer to count the days and weeks to June 22nd at 10 am PDT, which is the first day and the keynote address for WWDC 2020. As June 22nd is coming close, make sure to get excited about the event and prepare for an at-home, WWDC celebration party for yourself.

Set Up The Home Office For Live-Streaming WWDC At Home

Not only many Apple fans have to set up their home office for working from home, but it is also recommended that they should set up their desks for watching the event at home, even if the stay-at-home orders are still in effect. This means adding in an iPhone or iPad dock and a MacBook riser to raise the device up to create a comfortable, ergonomic viewing angle while keeping the snacks, AirPods and other items away from the viewing area. An adjustable office chair and a fast WiFi connection are also recommended for watching live WWDC keynotes and sessions, coding apps on Xcode and of course, working from home.

Fill Up The Pantry With Snacks and Drinks For The Quarantine Livestream Party

Whether you are watching WWDC 2020 with your fellow developers, colleagues or friends over Zoom or FaceTime at home or watching the event on your own at home, it is also the time to stock up on a few snacks and drinks. Like when everyone stays home once a Sunday in every February to watch the Super Bowl on their TVs, watching WWDC at home gives people the feeling of enjoying their snacks in front of their Apple TV, iPad or Mac. Make sure to only get the food and drinks for the week and do not hoard the supermarkets. Everyone needs access to every necessity in supermarkets worldwide.

Keep On Coding and Developing For Your Apps

The cancellation of this year’s annual WWDC event does not mean that developers should stop coding their apps. Apple encourages all developers to download the Apple Developer app or visit the developer.apple.com website for resources and videos to help them with programming, design and features on their own apps and programs. Keep on collaborating with fellow developers through video chat, FaceTime and iMessage while stuck at home. Apple is adding in new videos and documentation for software development every week. Student developers can also submit a Swift Playgrounds project for up to 3 minutes to Apple no later than 17 May, for a chance to win a set of WWDC pins and an exclusive WWDC bomber jacket.

These are all of the tips that Apple users and software developers can do while they wait for the next 6 weeks. This year is a completely different WWDC and every developer, engineer and Apple user is staying safer at home, with an iPhone, Mac and iPad to pass the time. Developers can still develop their iOS, watchOS and macOS apps and participate in the Swift Student Challenge while they wait for the event. Other users can beta test iOS 13.5 on their iPhones and iPads while trying out COVID-19 related features before they are released on iOS 13.5 to the public.

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