Apple Invests $10 Million In COVID-19 Test Kits Producer COPAN Diagnostics

Apple today announced an investment of $10 million in COPAN Diagnostics, this investment is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Fund. COPAN Diagnostics chiefly produces novel coronavirus detection kits. This funding will help COPAN Diagnostics to expand capacity and assemble 1 million test kits per week. This expansion is expected to create more than 50 new jobs.

“We feel a deep sense of responsibility to do everything we can to help medical workers, patients, and communities support the global response to COVID-19,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “COPAN is one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of sample collection kits for COVID-19 testing, and we’re thrilled to partner with them so they can expand as we work to address this critical issue for our nation. I couldn’t be prouder of our teams for bringing all of their energy, passion, and innovative spirit to supporting the country’s COVID-19 response.”
Apple is sourcing COPAN Diagnostics equipment and materials from companies across the US, including equipment from K2 Kinetics in York, Pennsylvania, and MWES in Waukesha, Wisconsin, to help design.

Currently, COPAN Diagnostics has a test kit production capacity of thousands per week.

Previously, Apple used Advanced Manufacturing Fun to invest in supply chain companies such as Corning Glass or Finisar (VCSEL laser manufacturer, the basic component of the Face ID system).

The iPhone maker has then invested more than $1 billion of its $5 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund in American companies fostering innovation and growth in the US manufacturing sector.

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