Apple Releases New AirPods Pro Firmware Update '2D15'

Apple has released a new firmware update for the AirPods Pro, of the previous version 2C54 or 2B588 to the new firmware, 2D15, the third update to the AirPods Pro firmware.

We are not clear what changes or features are included in the firmware update, but some suggest it may have fixed issues with the active noise cancellation feature, where users found the 2C54 update reduced noise cancellation quality for bass. Though, according to Guilherme Rambo, when comparing AirPods Pro running firmware 2C54 vs. 2D15, "there’s no difference in noise cancellation whatsoever."

The new update should be automatically installed as long as they stay connected to an iPhone or iPad, and in the charging case.

AirPods Pro users can check the firmware version their headphones are running by heading to Settings and tapping on General, About, and AirPods Pro, look at the number next to "Firmware Version."

There is no new firmware update available at the moment for users with standard AirPods.

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