Apple To Announce Powerbeats Pro In Four New Vivid, Spring-Themed Colors

Apple will soon announce new Powerbeats Pro models in a variety of vivid, spring-themed colors that include Cloud Pink, Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, and Lava Red. The cleve color naming has surfaced on Chinese social network Weibo.

The Powerbeats Pro is currently available in four colors: Black, Ivory, Moss, and Navy, hopefully with more visually appealing colors, customers would appreciate it more.

The new 2020 revision of the Powerbeats Pro has recently received FCC approval, but, aside from the potential for new colors, the rumor suggests this is likely a minor update.

The Powerbeats Pro are similar to AirPods, except that they have a sportier design with adjustable ear hooks. They come with 4 sizes of earbud tips and charge themselves in its charging case. Each charge in the charging case lasts for 9 hours.

PowerBeats Pro features Apple's custom-designed H1 chip, which enables the "Hey Siri" functionality, while also featured with the "Class 1 Bluetooth technology" for extended range and fewer dropouts.

The Powerbeats Pro is priced at $249.95 in the USA, and we expect the new models to be also priced at $249.95.

Image Via Parker Ortolani

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