Kuo: Two New Affordable iPads Launch Expected Soon; Apple Glasses In 2022

Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in his latest Apple research report sent to investors today predicting that Apple will release Apple Glasses as soon as 2022. and GIS will be the exclusive or major lens supplier.

Earlier, Taiwan's supply chain news media DigiTimes and The Information both predicted that Apple would release AR Glasses in 2022. Bloomberg, nevertheless, alleged that Apple will roll out a "lightweight pair of AR glasses as early as 2023," so it remains to be seen whether or not there will be additional revisions to the project.

Apple Glasses may be equipped with a high-resolution display and rely on the iPhone to process data, making the glasses lighter. Apple Glasses will also come with a new operating system, known as rOS, with control methods such as the touchpad, voice, and head movements.

Kuo also predicted that Apple is developing two new iPad models, including a 10.8-inch iPad and an 8.5-9-inch iPad mini. The two iPads will be launched in the second half of this year or the first half of next year. He believes that the two new iPads will follow the iPhone SE product strategy and the price is likely to be pretty cheap.

The current low-cost iPad uses a 10.2-inch display, whereas the iPad mini utilizes a 7.9-inch display.
We predict that Apple will launch the new 10.8 inch ‌iPad‌ and 8.5–9 inch ‌iPad‌ mini models in 2H20 and 1H21, respectively. GIS will be the main touch panel supplier. The two new ‌iPad‌ models will follow iPhone SE’s product strategy, and selling points will be the affordable price tag and the adoption of fast chips.
Kuo ultimately says that he expects the GIS to be "the primary touch panel supplier for these two new affordable ‌iPad‌ models because the company is the largest medium-size touch supplier."

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