Leaker Shares Extensive Details On Apple Glasses, Including $499 Starting Price

Proven-to-be trustworthy leaker Jon Prosser shared extensive information on Apple's AR Glasses in his latest YouTube video, claiming that it will have an "Apple Glasses" marketing name, starts at $499, and like the first-generation Apple Watch, all data will be processed on the iPhone.

Prosser said that Apple plans to release Apple Glasses in the fourth quarter of 2020 or the first quarter of 2021, and planning processes to unveil the glasses as a "One More Thing" surprise. However, since Apple wants the media to be there, there are plans to announce the glasses at the iPhone 12 event in September, but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prosser says that Apple has offered an alternate release window in March 2021.

The release of Apple Glasses to the public will be much later, in the fourth quarter of 2021 or the first quarter of 2022, this may explain why there is a conflict between Prosser’s information and Ming-Chi Kuo’s knowledge, because the two may be released separately.

Prosser also said that he has seen a prototype of Apple glasses. This version has a plastic frame, but the definitive material may turnabout. Other features include the integration of the LiDAR sensor on the "right temple" and prescription lens option, but he doesn't expect it to accommodate cameras, wireless charging, and a stand.

Prosser also said that Apple Glasses uses the special "Starboard" UI to display content on both lenses. The frame itself supports gesture controls and can also be operated by gestures in front of the device. He also said that the glasses would function by scanning Apple's proprietary QR code, and only when you wear it will you see that the glasses are "digital," which suggests that their design is identical to ordinary glasses. He further stated that Apple has not yet developed a colored version that can be used as sunglasses.

Another striking point is that LiDAR data from Apple’s recently released 2020 iPad Pro will be handed over to the Glasses team to help polish the AR/VR experience of Apple ’s glasses.

These details are based on Prosser's sources and the Apple Glasses prototype he saw, Thus far, Jon Prosser's leaks have been reliable. Last month, he accurately leaked the release date of the iPhone SE.

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