Microsoft Adding Mouse And Trackpad Support To Office For iPad This Fall

Microsoft plans to add support for the trackpad and mouse to its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on iPad by the fall, according to a report from The Verge.

Apple introduced support for the trackpad and mouse in iPadOS 13.4, and Apple and Logitech have specifically launched their Keyboard with a trackpad. When you use the trackpad, the cursor is shown as a circle on the screen, it only pops up when you place your finger on the trackpad.

However, if you hover your mouse or trackpad over the app icon, text field, or other elements on the screen, the circle will be transformed into various shapes and sizes.

Microsoft launched a unified Office app earlier this year, merging Word, Excel, PowerPoint into one app, but Microsoft is still planning to maintain a separate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint app on iOS, and cursor support is likely to be included in both the main Office app and standalone versions.

Image Via Macworld UK

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