Apple Launches New Program For Declined Apple Card Applicants

Apple has launched a new "Path to Apple Card' Program that is designed to help declined applicants get approved by improving their credit to qualify, according to TechCrunch.

The new program will see previously declined applicants receive emails that they can choose to enroll in the program. Information from the initial ‌Apple Card‌ credit application will be used. Then, it will provide details on why they have declined as well as suggestions on how to improve financial markers that could help them get approved next time, this can include paying off credit card loans and more.

Once the program ends, Apple will invite them to reapply for Apple Card.

There is a new website that Apple launched recently that explains how Goldman Sachs (issuing bank for Apple Card) approval process works and how people can boost their chances of approval before applying.

Apple also published a new support document that goes in-depth on how an Apple Card application is evaluated.

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