Apple Patent Suggests "Synthetic Group Selfie" Maybe In The Works

As reported by The Verge, Apple has won a new patent that would let users take a "synthetic group selfie," a feature that giving an option to take a selfie together without having to call everyone to the same location.

Based on the patent application, it appears that users can invite others to participate in group selfies, and individuals will be arranged accordingly in the framework. The patent also describes a window that will appear on the screen of invited users, prompting them to participate in group selfie photos.

When the desired user has accepted the invitation and placed it in the frame, the group selfie options can include still photos, stored video images, or live streaming images, these will provide users with several various options when creating a synthetic group selfie.

Simply put, users who use Apple hardware devices (should have at least a camera) can invite others to take a group selfie, and then use a software algorithm to synthesize it into an image.

In that particular period, it seems more suited to take a selfie group like this, but The Verge points out that Apple first applied for a patent in 2018 and was not granted until recently.

Like always, Apple has many patents in-house, but not all patents will apply to products.

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