Exclusive: Image Confirms iOS 14 Will Support Audio Call Recording

Today, we have obtained a leaked image that iOS 14 will support Call Recording, with the "Phone and Facetime Calls" call recording feature in which can be found in the Settings app.

Apple explained the feature in large lengths. In short, if the user needs to obtain the caller's consent to enable the call recording feature, it is strictly forbidden to share the device with others during a call.

Admittedly, call recording is a thorny issue when it comes to privacy, as the Federal Communications Commission FCC has made a clear definition that as long as the other party is notified before recording, or there is a voice prompt during the call, a recording is legal.

Perhaps that's why Google removed the call recording API on Android 6.0, so it certainly interesting that Apple has added the feature to iOS 14.

However, the call recording feature may not be available in all countries, that's because, in Australia, and in India, for example, governments have banned individual users from recording calls.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 14 at its Worldwide Developer Conference that will be held on June 22, and what's different from the past events is that this year, the gathering will take place online.

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