Here Are Some More Tidbits For iOS 14 And iPadOS 14

Apple introduced many new features for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, and although we have rounded up the hidden features on these two operating systems, there are still plenty of small tweaks and changes being found every day. Here we have listed them for you:

iOS 14:

  • AirPods now includes Optimized Charging to preserve battery health in iOS 14
  • Introduces Hand and Body Pose Detection, interact without touching the screen
  • Face ID and Touch ID logins coming to websites with Safari Web Authentication API
  • Photos app now let you add captions to photos; you can now zoom further in the app
  • iOS 14 will now alert you if an app is accessing User Clipboards
  • A notification will be sent when your Apple Watch is fully charged 

iPadOS 14: 

  • Added multi-window support in Music, for example, a window for lyrics, another for browsing
  • Brought support for Low Power Mode, previously available only on iPhones
  • Widgets in Today View only appears in Landscape Mode
  • Emoji search has not made its way to the iPad with iPadOS 14, maybe in the future?

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