Apple Researching For A Ring-Like Wearable Electronic Device, Patent Filing Reveals

Recently, Apple has applied for a patent (No. 20200241641) for a Wearable Electronic "Ring" Computing Device. The surface of the device has touch-sensitive sensors and a micro-display. The patent was formally published on July 30.

Apple says this  "Ring" can be used to control devices such as Macs.

It said in the patent that the existing touchpads and touch monitors "may be cumbersome, inconvenient, or inefficient for certain tasks and applications”. When users are operating a Mac, moving back and forth between different devices (mouse and keyboard) will lead to inefficiency. Apple said that we need "a more discreet, safer, more efficient, or more ergonomic way to interact with touchpads or touch screens.”

Apple said in the abstract of this tech:
A user controls an external electronic device with a wireless ring device; the ring is disposed on one or more fingers of the hand of the user. The ring detects, via a touch-sensitive input device, an input. In response to detecting the input, in accordance with a determination that the input corresponds to a respective touch event of a plurality of touch events, the ring transmits, to the external electronic device, a command associated with the respective touch event, and generates, via the one or more tactile output generators, a first tactile output indicative of the transmission of the command.
As ever, Apple registers countless patents every week, but rarely do they turned out to be a product that an average can purchase online or at a retail store.

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