Upcoming 12-Inch MacBook Rumored To Feature A14X Chip And Improved Battery Life

Leaker Komiya has claimed that the upcoming 12-inch MacBook will utilize Apple's custom ARM processor, model A14X bionic, he also stated that this chip will likewise appear in new iPad models.

Komiya said that this model offers 8GB or 16GB RAM configuration, and 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB storage options. One of the biggest selling points of the ARM-based 12-inch MacBook is that its battery life is as high as 15-20 hours, which is assuredly a notable improvement compared to the 8-10 hours of Intel models.

The leaker also pointed out that the ARM-based 12-inch MacBook will be outfitted with a 720p FaceTime HD camera, but the drawback of this model is the butterfly keyboard. Since the butterfly keyboard is prone to failure, Apple has begun to switch to a scissor keyboard in the recent MacBook, however, we are unsure whether the ARM MacBook will also follow the suit.

It is said that this new laptop also has a USB-C port, but it has not been confirmed whether it supports Thunderbolt 3. Since the A14X Bionic is expected to be manufactured on the 5nm process and does not have a ridiculously high TDP (thermal design power), the case of the 12-inch MacBook should be enough to cool the microprocessor.

Komiya also provided pricing details. He claimed that the price would be $799, which is most likely the price of the entry-level model.

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