Leaker Shares Images Of iPhone 12's Braided USB-C To Lightning Cable

Rumors have it that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 model will include a new Lightning to USB-C cable with a braided fabric design. Today, leaker Mr. White has shared new images that might suggest what iPhone 12 users are going to receive in the box.

The picture shows the USB-C to Lightning cable, which has an obvious braided design that may be more durable than the standard rubber-coated cord. The eight silver contacts of the cable are made of rhodium-plated ruthenium material, which is more corrosion-resistant, and coupled with the braided design, this charging cable may be better resistant to damage after long-term use.

Apple has never provided a braided cable for its iPhone or iPad, but it has offered a braided Thunderbolt Pro cord, a black braided USB-C to Lightning cable that comes with Mac Pro, and a braided power wire for the HomePod devices.

Apple's new USB-C to Lightning braided cable may be the only accessory in the iPhone 12 packaging box. Several rumors claim that this year's new models will not include a power adapter or EarPods in the case. Instead, Apple may separately sell a new 20W power adapter.

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