Leaker Claims AirTags To Be Available Soon, AirPods Studio Delayed

Prolific leaker Jon Prosser claims that the AirTags item tracker will be available next month, while the AirPods Studio high-end headphones will be delayed due to production issues.

Prosser said that although the premium wireless headset is still likely to be announced in November and shipped in December, it is also possible that it may be delayed until March 2021. Prosser earlier revealed that Apple has encountered production issues, and states that certain products may not be available until November.

AirPods Studio will be the first over-ear headphones sold under the Apple brand. It will provide many AirPods technologies, and its design is more reminiscent of the Beats headset series.

Prosser also said that AirTags could debut a few months earlier than expected, probably alongside ARM Mac in November, and this is obviously to fill the void left by AirPods Studio. 

AirTags is an Apple version of the item trackers. One of these devices is attached to a keychain or wallet, so if you lost them, just ping on your iPhone to find the missing item.

Image Via Jon Prosser

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