Users Report macOS Treats Printer Drivers And Amazon Music App As Malware

There are users reporting that because macOS falsely claimed that some software was malware, they could no longer use HP printers to print or continue to play Amazon Music through the dedicated app.

AppleInsider claimed that users reported that their Mac suddenly popped up with a notification stating that their HP printer contained malware "will damage your computer." 

Moreover, other users had the same problem but related to the Amazon Music app.

While users can choose to click "Move to Trash" or "Cancel", however, if they choose to cancel, the error will continue to occur.

The issue seems to be associated with Apple's XProtect. This is part of Gatekeeper, which is Apple's security system used to identify and disable malware on Macs. Most of the reported cases are from everyday users, but it can now be confirmed that the issue is also affecting printers in the enterprise.

Most users report that they have not recently updated HP printer drivers or the Amazon Music app. Presumably, it is related to the background macOS malware definition update, but it has not been verified.

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