Apple MR Headset Details: 8K Displays, Possible $3,000 Price Tag, & More

The Information is out with a report today that a "Mixed Reality" (MR) headset that Apple is developing will be equipped with more than a dozen cameras to track hand movement as well as two ultra-high-resolution 8K displays and advanced eye-tracking technology.

The above features are part of the many features Apple plans to design for this MR headset. Obviously, this device represents one of Apple's most ambitious efforts to build a new technology platform. The Information leaked the internal photos of the later prototype of this device. The photos showed a smooth, curved headset, fixed on the head by the mesh material and exchangeable handbands. Below are the drawings by The Information of the headset.

This MR headset is code-named "N301" within Apple. It allows the wearer to be immersed in a completely virtual environment, similar to that of Oculus Quest. The person familiar with the matter said that its current design can also block peripheral vision to prevent external light from penetrating the wearer's vision. The camera on the device can transmit real-world video through the headset and display it to the wearer on the screen, creating a mixed reality effect.

Apple is said to far ahead in the design of this product. Apple employees describe it internally as an "MR headset" because it can combine "virtual reality" (VR) experiences with games and apps. These games and apps use "real objects" around the wearer. People familiar with the matter said that this headset may be shipped as early as next year.

Evidently, Apple has approved Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron to assemble this device. Currently, Pegatron is already producing iPhone and iPad for Apple. Nevertheless, due to the complexity and risk of this product, it is enough for Apple to delay or shelve it, just like Apple did with other products.

One of the biggest concerns is the price of this device, which is likely to be much higher than the price of Facebook's Oculus and other companies' existing VR headsets ($300 to $1,000). People familiar with the matter said that last year, Apple internally discussed the price of the product at around $3,000, which is higher than the starting price of Apple's high-end laptops, but comparable to the price of Microsoft's "mixed reality" headset HoloLens of $3,500.

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